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Cosmopolitan shares my career advice…

Kimberly Guilfoyle in Cosmopolitan

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  1. Jeff Paris says:

    When one clicks on watch recent video clips, the most recent is 4 years old. The website has not been maintained in years. I assume that with a book coming out, you would “refresh” it a bit. Look at Dana’s, then look at yours. I would be ashamed to put this out there. If you are not going to contract for the maintenance of this website, it should be taken down. Also, content-wise, it’s a bunch of pictures of you at high society function. It makes you look like a sorority sister on steroids.

  2. Jeff Paris says:

    Imagine this scenario. You are taking a class in psychology and your assignment is to make a personality profile of two different individuals whom you have never met them, and about whom you have no prior knowledge.. The only data you may use to create your profiles are the websites of each. One person is named Dana and the other is Kimberly. How do you imagine the profiles might differ?

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